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Edite Domingos Afrostyle and Pop Singer from Germany

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About Me

Edite Domingos, is a Munich born singer who harnesses her. Angolan roots to produce a unique sound to the Afro Beats genre. Furthermore, her music aims to empower women. She combines elements of European popular music, while
grounding the listener to the beat of the motherland.

About Me

Performing self written songs, along side her dancers. Edite has found praise amongst audiences worldwide, as well as recognition by winning first place at the “Jugend muziert Munich” and being a guest on Focus, Radio Lora, Radio RFM 94.00 Senegal, Radio Despertar Angola and Continental Radiostation London.

My Professional Team

My Team

Please let me introduce you to my amazing Team because:
“Great things in business are never done by one person,
They’re done by a team of people” quote by Steve Jobs

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