So first off the outside was SUPER soft when pulling it out of the package, so I was really excited. However… 1. The inside is a little scratchy 2. This is THIN. Not even as thick as a normal flannel. 3. The body of the shirt is somewhat oversized. The arms are not. I have a little longer arms than the average woman but not THAT long. This comes just to my wrist. I bought this because I wanted an oversized “thicker” shirt, and this not it. It’s not a terrible shirt but not what I was expecting/hoping for at all. I’m 5’8” with most of my height coming from my long legs. This comes down to almost the middle of my butt, so length there isn’t an issue. About 140lbs. Most of my weight is in my hips and lower belly (thanks to my two precious boys), and the medium was a little baggy in the body.